awkward and nervous

Rob McElhenney who portrays Mac on the television show It's Always Sunny cultivated a shit ton of mass for a season directive on the show; like a shit ton. He eventually harvested said mass and became incredibly ripped. He stated in an interview that the trick to losing all that weight was to “just stop eating so fucking much”, and you know what? I think there's something to that.


I entered this decade a lot better than I'm leaving it.

Physically, mentally; a lot has changed for the worse. In each passing year, life gives me more of a reason to not be living it. I've had countless health issues over the last decade, too many to list honestly. Several situations where I told myself “could this get any worse?” and then it did. Truly a statistical improbability, yet life really knows how to fuck you when you're already down.

PSA: this is a rant-y post, so if you don't wanna listen to me whine, I'd advise not reading this.