what is this

for the longest time i've wanted to journal my thoughts, musings and what-have-you into an online weblog of sorts. i don't necessarily know why, but i think someone somewhere might find something of worth in my writing — maybe. what better time to start than now, right? it's almost the dawn of a new year; a new decade and we all know what that means. hell, it's not like i inherently have anything to say of any vast importance, although i suppose that isn't really the point here.

things to expect from my journal:

~reviews of entertainment i digest ~plans i will make to better my life and (not) follow through on ~pictures i take with my nifty new phone ~music i create and write ~in-depth logs of days where i am productive ~relatable anecdotes about being socially awkward ~in-depth rants of the misery that my long-term depression/anxiety cause me ~music recommendations/mixtapes and last.fm round-ups ~reposts of “hilarious” comics ~etc.